About Bann Maine West Community Cluster


A vibrant and sustainable community sector within the BMW Cluster area, working collectively for the benefit of the local area.


To further develop the Bann Maine West Community Cluster to enable it to benefit a range of generic community and voluntary organisations working within the cluster area by providing a co-ordinated approach to community activity and enhanced networking opportunities.

AIM ONE – To continue to build the capacity and voice of the local Bann Maine West Community Cluster to cover the areas of Ahoghill, Cloney, Cullybackey, Grange, Hillstown, Portglenone and Tullygarley.

1.1    Meeting as a monthly management committee every month with the aim of managing the Cluster and implementing strategy & Action Plan
1.2    Continue to appoint the  lead group act as lead organisation for the cluster between Council and Community Cluster and offer administrative support
1.3    To agree and deliver a Strategy and Action Plan for the BMW cluster which will set out the strategic direction and operational activities of the Community Cluster.

AIM TWO – To build the relationships between the groups inside the cluster and with others outside the cluster, to network on common issues and to improve the information flow to groups through the sharing of information on funding and other opportunities as appropriate.

2.1    To build relationships between the groups in the area through a range of actions over the year.
2.2    To network with a range of organisations on issues of common concern or interest in the BMW cluster.
2.3    To establish a signposting of information service for the groups in the BMW cluster area.
2.4    To deliver a funding and fundraising support service to groups in the area on issues of relevance to the needs of the local community.

AIM THREE – To identify actions based on the current priorities of all groups that will be delivered by the Cluster.  Agreement by all groups within the cluster as to the current priorities.

3.1    To increase collaboration between the communities in the area through the development of collaborative projects on common issues to groups where deemed appropriate.
3.2    To promote links between villages.

AIM FOUR – To identify actions based on sustainability and capital requirements of the groups and the Cluster.

4.1    To identify opportunities to increase resources and promote sustainability.